With my diverse background in theatre, dance, media and interactive projects I am adept at dealing with the complexity of hybrid or new forms, unusual sites and the general public. I like looking at the big picture.

My dramaturgical roles on projects are responsive depending on the needs of the project, sometimes it is more of a mentor role, other times it is collaborator, and sometimes it is purely as an ‘outside eye’.

Previous dramaturgical work includes these projects with; Stompin (On Your Marks, Citizen, 6001-1, Fully Grown and Mirror Mirror), Luke George (Now Now Now and Not About Face), Brooke Stamp (Reverb), Martin Del Amo (Reverb and Slow Dances for Fast Times), Tamara Saulwick (Public and Alter ), Paula Lay (10,000 Small Deaths), Madeleine Flynn and Tim Humphrey (Ensemble), Tanya Voges/Kellie O’Dempsey (Vestiges),  Liesel Zink (fifteen, The Stance, Plain English, Balloons and Granite and Inter), Jamie Lewis (Saltwater), Nicola Gunn (Piece for Person and Ghettoblaster) and Danielle Reynolds (Canine Choreography).